People often wonder what a weighted blanket is and how it works.

Basically a weighed blanket is a heavy blanket. Think back to the 80’s before every house had central heating and you had around three hairy blankets on your bed to keep you warm (and possibly a coat or two). Well that weight made you feel safe and secure. It calmed down your senses and helped you sleep through the night.

Now with our over heated houses we miss that calming weight. We seek the weight without the heat.

This is what Deep Sleep weighted blankets provide the cool weight with not a hairy blanket in sight.

Weighted blankets can be used:
• to help a child make transitions from one activity to another, to avoid or settle down after meltdowns.
• to help a child who has difficulty sitting still for reading or focusing.
• to teach your child appropriate coping strategies, as they learn to manage their emotions.

A weighted blanket is useful for the following in both children and adults:
Sensory processing disorders
Anxiety Disorder
Aspergers Syndrome
Bi-Polar Disorder
Cerebral Palsy
Down’s Syndrome
Parkenson’s Disease
Pervasive Development Disorder
Restless leg syndrome
Rett Syndrome
Sensory integration
Tourette’s Syndrome
And lots more !