Weighted Activity/Sensory Lap Pads

Activity / Sensory Weighted Lap Pads are great for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke, Rehab, Autism and Special Needs. Combining the grounding and comfort of a weighted lap pad and the feeling of calmness and contentment that a sensory quilt can bring. The Activity or Sensory Blanket is a small lap quilt, mat or blanket that provides sensory and tactile stimulation as well as visual.

If you have a loved one who is suffering from a neuroglogical condition such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia or a child with special needs they can be easily confused, even irritable and angry. The simple, repetitive movement and sensory experiences become more important. That’s where the Activity / Sensory lap quilts comes in.

Weighted lap pads are good for tactile defensiveness, proprioceptive input, and deep pressure for calming the nervous system. They can also improve awareness and prevents sensory meltdowns, tantrums and aggression.

Weighted Lap Pad

A Weighted Lap Pad is carefully designed as a self-regulating tool, for children whose ability to sit peacefully and learn happily is affected by ASD, ADHD or DCD.

The Lap Pads can be made with a variety of materials.  Cotton, Fleece & Waterproof.  They are fully lined and weighted with FDA approved Hypoallergenic Non-Toxic Poly pellets. These plastic pellets are BPA free and completely safe.

The pocketed design provides even sensory pressure that will calm the nervous system. A range of ages will benefit from this proprioceptive input in class, at home or anywhere!

Weighted Shoulder Wraps

Weighted shoulder wraps provide amazingly calming deep pressure that helps to reach a calm and relaxed state. 

The weight of the wraps stimulates the serotonin production in the body. It’s a vital chemical that aids in easing relaxation and regulating mood. Weighted shoulder wraps create the feeling of a “hug,” produce serotonin, and calm the nervous system. This helps to reduce the frequency and intensity of meltdowns.

Weighted shoulder wraps can cause physiological changes in your nervous system, helping you tame panic attacks and feel calmer faster. They can also help people with obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

A number of random studies found that weighted shoulder wraps can even alleviate uncontrollable thoughts, making them very useful for people with obsessive overthinking habits.

If your child has poor performance in the classroom, a weighted shoulder wrap can change the situation. It’s especially helpful for kids with ADHD who have poor in-seat behaviour, task completion, and attention. 

People suffering from self-stimulatory behaviours, such as stimming or fidgeting can increase their performance by wearing a weighted shoulder pad.

Parents know that long car trip with kids can be a nightmare. Weighted shoulder wraps are portable and compact, so you can easily grab them and bring them along. They can make any long sitting situations less nerve-wracking.

When you’re a parent of a kid with special needs, you know how hard it is to handle those unexpected meltdowns

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weighted toy

Weighted Toys

The weighted toys are comforting companions and valuable helpers. Restless children experience sensory input in order to calm down or to find something to concentrate on.

As well as being cuddly toys, these toys are filled with weighted poly pellets which add weight to the toy. Children can carry the weighted toys on their shoulder, lay them on their lap or hold them in their hands. The feel of the toy produces a deep pressure which has a calming effect on restless children and helps them to concentrate. The weighted toys are used for children with sensory disturbances, as part of sensory integration therapy or perception exercises.