What is a Weighted Gravity Blanket?

The idea of weighted gravity blanket therapy, also called deep-touch therapy, goes back to a basic human behavior known to calm us — being held. Clinical studies suggest that when certain pressure points on the body are stimulated by touch, the brain releases serotonin. This neurotransmitter is responsible for regulating various brain functions, including sleep and mood.

The key to this stimulation is the heaviness of the blanket, which is able to create a deep pressure. Aside from swaddles, this kind of pressure is present in hugs and when we stroke animals.

When you’re stressed or anxious, you don’t sleep well because your heart is beating too quickly. Weighted gravity blankets combat this by using “pressure therapy”. This means applying a calming amount of pressure to your entire body, and especially to key pressure points, similar to the feeling of being held or hugged.

This gentle pressure relaxes you by activating your parasympathetic nervous system, which lowers your heart rate and delivers an overall feeling of calmness to allow you to sleep better.

How they are Made

Weighted Gravity Blanket Weights

A weighted blanket is pretty much what it sounds like: a heavy blanket. However, there is more to a weighted blanket than just being thick and heavy. 

The weight should be specific for the person who will be using it.

♦ Occupational Therapists advise 10% of a child’s weight and 5% of an adult

♦ People with sensory issues or on the ASD often prefer a heavier weight

Weight of Person Recommended Weight of Blanket
2 – 4 Stone

12 – 25kg

Recommended for those aged 2 – 6

3 kg
5 – 8 Stone

31 – 50kg

4 kg
8+ Stone

50kg +

Most recommended for teenage girls & women

6 kg
10+ Stone

63kg +

8 kg
12+ Stone

76kg +

10 kg

Our Blanket Sizes

Weighted blankets are made to fit the BODY and not the BED. Keep in mind:

♥ For young children, under age 6, a size small would suit best.

♠ For children over age 6, Teenagers and Adults a size Large will suit.  

♦ A size Large is a Full Single Duvet Size.

Should you need more advice on weight or size you can contact Mary on info@deepsleep.ie

Size Dimension
Small 100 x 135cm Suitable for a young child or wheelchair user
Large 195 x 130cm This is a full single bed size. Suitable for any bed size.

Luxury Cotton and Flannel Covers

For that luxurious close to the skin touch! We offer you a choice of high-quality cotton or flannel covers for your weighted gravity blanket, in a range of colours to match all tastes and bedroom décor.

Our range includes covers with soft and warm minky fleece on one side, and cooling cotton on the other – ideal for use as the seasons change.

Excellent weighted blanket!
The amount of money I’ve spent on things to “help sleep”. I was initially sceptical, I didn’t want to get my hopes up just to have them dashed. All I can say is wow and amazing! An almost instantaneous effect .
Excellent quality and very fast delivery. Mary the product is amazing
Unexpectedly quick delivery and as soon as I pull the blanket up to my shoulders it’s like a big hug and I’m ready for sleep. Also use it with my duvet so not even overheating. Didn’t know I really needed it until I got it!

I ordered a blanket for my partner who has trouble sleeping and it is already working wonders! Mary is so accommodating and excellent to deal with, I am already recommending this service to anybody I know with insomnia etc. It’s fab!

Louise Marie
My husband bought me a lap pad which I use regularly to help with my anxiety I often drape it over my shoulder and it feels like an arm giving me a hug very comforting and a bonus it’s from Waterford!
Lovely product, well made an very personalised service from Mary.My daughter loves her blanket and its having the desired effect helping to calm and ground her.
Can’t thank you enough for Niamh’s beautiful blanket. She absolutely loves it and won’t travel without it. It’s made a big difference at bedtime and she often chills during the day with it too