mary corby


Mary Corby

Hello I’m Mary from Deep Sleep!

I’m based in the Gaeltacht area of An Rinn in Co. Waterford, and I founded Deep Sleep in 2017.

I discovered weighted blankets quite by accident.  I was minding a little boy who had sensory issues.  He loved to have a heavy weight on top of him, often taking our giant Mickey Mouse to the trampoline to lie under it.  Some days he used to get upset, and I didn’t know how to comfort him.  I asked “Doctor Google”, and I learned about weighted blankets for the first time.

I’ve always liked to sew and crochet, so I set about making one there and then.  Not having weighted pellets handy, I used what I had plenty of……aquarium gravel! This was thanks to the many goldfish that have passed through the hands of my four children.  The little boy loved it, and he still does.

I looked into weighted blankets some more, and discovered the long list of ailments that they can help with, such as depression, anxiety, restless leg syndrome etc.

My eldest daughter, who was 10 at the time, has always suffered from anxiety and had a lot of trouble in falling and staying a sleep.  So I made her one too.  The result was the same – she loved it.  Even when she woke up at night, it helped keep her calm and go back to sleep.

Word got out that I had made some weighted blankets, and orders started to come in thick and fast so I decided to set up Deep Sleep. And while I now use weighted pellets instead of aquarium gravel, the results are the same as that little boy and my own daughter enjoyed.

I pride myself on making top-quality blankets at affordable prices.