Did anyone hear Dermot & Dave on TodayFM today?  On their slot ‘Mind Yourself Now’ https://www.todayfm.com/podcasts/today-fm/our-sleep-expert-reveals-how-you-can-get-a-better-rest

He was asked about Weighted Gravity Blankets and the fact that on Amazon there is over 7000 positive reviews on them !

Basically the expert said that it works for people who like a heavy weight on them.  As he said ‘in olden times’ people would have had many blankets on them and this helped them to sleep.

A Weighted Blanket works on a sensory level.  It calms down the senses and gives you that safe and grounded feeling.

Instead of having to have six blankets on you to get the sensory benefit you just need one Weighted Blanket 😊  All the benefits without the heat !