Happy National hangover Day everyone. New Years Eve & Day are a time for celebrating. Out with the old and in with the new and so on.

But if you managed to poison yourself with alcohol you are likely to be starting the new year with a dose of THE FEAR.

The Fear is an alcohol induced state of extreme anxiety.

Symptoms of The Fear include

  • Everyone is out to get you. And just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean that they aren’t!
  • Extreme remorse of things that you may have said or not said. And not just over the last day or two but over the last few decades. The brain likes nothing more that when it senses you are weak and vulnerable but to dredge up all the times from the past where you made a complete ass of yourself.   Always though you were an all right sort of guy? Nope apparently you are a small minded bigot who also happens to be racist and believes child labor should be brought back.
  • Chronic sighing followed by periodically curling into a small ball of regret.
  • Yes, you actually did that #cringe
  • Everything hurts, even your hair.
  • Inability to make even the smallest of decisions. Blue or black top? Someone please make the decision for me.
  • Bugs crawling all over you. Yes, they are real.
  • Sense of impending doom. Well in all fairness its not a great start to 2020 now is it. And all self inflicted. Yes, we all know its Paddy’s fault for buying 2000 shots but no one actually made you drink it now did they?


Recovery from The Fear

  • Water, water, water. Drink in it, swim in it.
  • Avoid all social contact for at least three days.
  • Avoid all social media content. Especially anything that you are tagged in.
  • Watch feel good, inoffensive, movies such as frozen.
  • Get yourself a therapy dog.
  • Curl up with a weighted blanket. It will feel like a hug and that maybe the world is not such a frightening place after all.

Hang in there Sober January is here.