We constantly hear how good meditation is for you. The benefits include:

  • Better focus and concentration
  • Improved self esteem
  • Improved self-awareness
  • Lower levels of stress & anxiety
  • Reduced pain
  • Increased creativity

There is nothing nicer that lying down with a soothing voice taking you through the steps of calming your body and mind.  All is going well.  You focus relaxing all your body, your feet, your legs, your stomach….and suddenly you’re thinking about the bread you forgot to pick up, how the car needs petrol and who has football practice tomorrow.

Everybody finds quietening the mind difficult.  That monkey mind is busy chattering away nonstop all day, every day.

You know if you could just stop your mind from racing for 5mins you would be able to catch up with the world.

One of the many reasons many people turn to alcohol and other drugs is to shut that monkey up.  To give yourself time out from your own mind.  Sadly, the monkey comes back twice as loud the next day ie: a hangover.

So how do we shut that monkey up?  With a Weighted Blanket of course 😊 A Weighted Blanket calms down the nervous system of the body which in turn helps to calm down the mind.

Try your meditation with a Weighted Blanket and find:

  • How much easier it is to quieten the body
  • How much more relaxed you feel
  • How more grounded you feel
  • How calm you feel
  • How your mind quietens so that you can follow the meditation

Give it a go and see how you feel 😊

I’d highly recommend Dermot Whelan from TodayFM whose book is called ‘Mind Full’


What is savasana meditation?

Shavasana is the pronunciation of the Sanskrit word “savasana.” It’s a resting and restorative pose, or asana, typically used at the end of a yoga session. The Sanskrit word actually means “corpse pose,” because students practicing this pose lie face-up on the ground, arms and legs comfortably spread, eyes closed.