Basically it’s a blanket that is made heavier than normal.

Our Size Small Weighted Blankets , Lap Pads, Shoulder Wraps and Toys are weighted with weighted Poly Pellets.  These are premium Quality Plastic Pellets, Hypo-Allergenic, Non-Toxic & BPA Free.  They are Mildew & Mold Resistant and will not break down like organic materials (corn, rice, beans, etc).

Our Medium and Large Weighted Blankets are weighted with Premium Glass Beads. These are 3 times denser than poly pellets so our blankets are 1/3 the thickness of our competition
– they are small enough that they are virtually indestructible by the user
– they are smooth and round so they are more “fluid” within the blanket, making it easier to maneuver, fold, and pack
– they are non-porous and washable
– they are hypoallergenic and non-flammable

All Weighted Blankets, Covers, Lap Pads and Shoulder Wraps are machine washable at 30degrees.  Let air dry, no not use dryer.

Weighted Toys should be spot cleaned.

The idea of weighted-blanket therapy, also called deep-touch therapy, goes back to a basic human behavior known to calm us — being held. Clinical studies suggest that when certain pressure points on the body are stimulated by touch, the brain releases serotonin. This neurotransmitter is responsible for regulating various brain functions, including sleep and mood.

The key to this stimulation is the heaviness of the blanket, which is able to create a deep pressure. Aside from swaddles, this kind of pressure is present in hugs and when we stroke animals.

At first, deep touch pressure stimulation was used to help children with ASD or SPD. These kids often experience sensory overload, meaning they have difficulty filtering out background sensory information. This can cause restlessness, anxiety, and trouble participating in seated activities and ongoing tasks. Of course, sleeping can be difficult in this state as well.

Studies have shown weighted blankets can help children with ASD fall asleep. The kids benefit not only from the release of serotonin the blankets bring, but also from the decrease in heart rate and blood pressure that result from the calming effect. This allows for more control, and in turn, a better chance of rest.

The top reason that customers purchase a weighted blanket is SLEEP. The calming properties, the relaxation, the sense that all is right in the world: all those things promote sleep — getting to sleep, getting to a deep sleep, staying asleep. Kids and adults who have struggled with sleep for years report finally being able to sleep ALL NIGHT after beginning to use a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets can be used:

  • to help a child make transitions from one activity to another, to avoid or settle down after meltdowns.
  • to help a child who has difficulty sitting still for reading or focusing.
  • to teach your child appropriate coping strategies, as they learn to manage their emotions.

A weighted blanket is useful for the following in both children and adults:

Sensory processing disorders
Anxiety Disorder
Aspergers Syndrome
Bi-Polar Disorder
Cerebral Palsy
Down’s Syndrome
Parkenson’s Disease
Pervasive Development Disorder
Restless leg syndrome
Rett Syndrome
Sensory integration
Tourette’s Syndrome
And lots more !

Weighted blankets are inappropriate for users who have

  • breathing difficulties (like sleep-apnea) due to weight on the chest.
  • Diabetes
  • Do not use while a child has a skin rash or open wounds.
  • Do not use with children under 2yo.
  • Use caution using a blanket designed for someone else
  • Weighted blankets are not to be used as restraints.

There is no definite rule on what size blanket should be used, but it is recommended that it should be around 10% of a child’s body weight and 5% of an adult.

The most important thing to remember is that the user should be able to easily push it off themselves if needed.

Children with sensory disorder often seek a heavier weight.  You can order a heavier than recommended weight, just keep in mind that the child should be able to remover the blanket themselves.

Children on the Autism Spectrum often seek a heavier weight.  You can order a heavier than recommended weight, just keep in mind that the child should be able to remover the blanket themselves.

Yes.  If the blanket is much larger than the child keep in mind that a lot of the weight will be on the bed and not on the child.

As the child grows they will take up more of the weight.

Our Weighted Lap Pads, Activity Pads, Shoulder Wraps and Face Masks are made here in Co Waterford, Ireland.

Our Weighted Blankets are manufactured in Turkey using premium materials and to our specifications.  These are not the cheap China blankets!