Hands up anyone who has woken up at 3am and finds it difficult to go back to sleep?   It’s apparently known as the witching hour.  It’s the time we are more spiritually aware.  It can, again apparently, mean someone is trying to spiritually connect with you.

If you’re not in the mood to chat with the dead here is a meditation technique that I use all the time to get me back to sleep.

Obviously it goes without saying I have a weighted gravity blanket on me 😉

This is a very simple technique ….give it a try


It’s as easy is sounds.

  1. Put your hands on your belly and feel it raise and fall with your breath.
  2. Start counting from 100 like this
  • 100 breath in, 100 breath out
  • 99 breath in, 99 breath out
  • 98 breath in, 98 breath out…and so on



You will find that your mind will wander, you will start to replay arguments you had 20 years ago!  Ignore these thoughts and keep on counting….if you manage to make it to 1 just repeat


As a yoga instructor for 15 years I’ve found this the most effective technique for me to calm down my monkey mind and get back to sleep.


Let me know if you try this out and how you find it 😊